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About This Website

Est 2000

Welcome to a web resource for information relating to the Jesus Army. A religious group, primarily based in England, who advertise themselves as '.. an evangelical Christian Church with a charismatic emphasis'

Formed in the late 1960's, as the Jesus Fellowship. The Jesus Army has, in the past, been described as a Cult, a Sect and a New Religious Movement (NRM).

Many people will be familiar with the groups' brightly coloured double-decker busses. Often parked in towns and cities all around the UK, as members of the group stop to talk too passers by, evangelise on the streets, and recruit new members.

Members are seen to be dedicated to their faith, and the organisation to which they belong. For some, one of the many 'New Creation Christian Community' communes are their homes. Some also choose to live a life of celibacy.

Stories relating to the group have often attracted media attention, sometimes voicing concerns and criticisms of the organisation. For many years the Jesus Fellowship/Jesus Army have remained secluded from public attention, dismissing accusations and concerns often aired by ex-members, their families, other religious bodies and politicians.

Now, as a new phase is beginning for the Jesus Fellowship. The first of their 'Jesus Centres' are being prepared. The group is expanding further around the country (and now internationally!) and continues to increase in numbers. The group are becoming more open about their inner workings and structure, and no longer shy away from media attention.

Within these pages, you will find an archive of articles from the press about the group. Links to the web pages of the group, its companies, its members, ex-members and other sources of information.

The creators of this site are not, and have never been members of the Jesus Army/Jesus Fellowship or any other Religious Sects. This site is being created as an information resource, and hopes to be able to include as much information as can be found about the group. Names, and personal details have been removed from some of the articles within these pages, so as not to identify the individuals mentioned. The 'Jesus Army Watch' website welcomes any comments from individuals or groups who feel they would like to contribute. Details of further sources of information regarding any aspect of the Jesus Fellowship will be gratefully received.

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