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This section of the Jesus Army Watch web resource is a collection of every bit of information on the Jesus Fellowship group which doesn't fit anywhere else within these pages.

For an in depth look at various aspect of the group, visit the Clipping Archive.

Raw Information

The following sections of the website have not been updated since 2004

Origin: The origin of the Jesus Fellowship, an the formation of the Jesus Army.

Names: Details of the names / charities and structural sub-groups which make up the Jesus Fellowship

Location: Details of where the Jesus Fellowship are active in the UK.

Transport: You always know when the Jesus Army are nearby, by the vehicles they drive!

Literature: References to the Jesus Fellowship / Jesus Army for further reading.


Joolz meets the Jesus Army: 'Britain's premier female spoken-word artist' Joolz Denby, shares one of her many experiences with the Jesus Army.

Links to Other Websites

Information Links: Links to Support Groups, and further information.

News Links: Links to online news articles regarding the Group.

Jesus Army Websites: Links to the various websites of the Group.