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Source : 10/01/1986 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

A religious fellowship has been told to stop overcrowding in its houses.

Daventry District Council chose religious fellowship houses in its area for a survey on overcrowding and found two which did not meet guidelines,

And the fellowship responsible, which has not been named, has been told to cut the numbers of people in its houses to keep within the law.

Council health and housing director Mr Basil Doughty says religious fellowships owned a number of large houses in the district. Eight were studied by his officers.

He says: 'The occupants of religious fellowship houses are not normally related to each other but live together as a single family unit, sharing all the accommodation.'

'Communal catering and recreational facilities are provided and all the normal household jobs are carried out jointly by members of the community.'

Another council spokesman said: 'It is probable that they did not know the law because not everyone has read the Housing Act. It should be just a case of shuffling people about between the other houses they own. There should be no problem.'

Overcrowding can be identified in a number of ways. For instance, a house is overcrowded if two people of different sexes, aged over ten and not married to each other, have to sleep in the same room. That can include the lounge and dining room.

Other calculations relating to floor area can also be carried out.