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Source : 30/01/1999 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Homosexuals at a Northampton night spot are being targeted by the Jesus Army in a recruitment drive.

The move has sparked outrage from the town's homosexual community, which has condemned the tactics as 'intrusive'

Up to four male members of the controversial charismatic Christian group are spending five nights a week at the Sheep Street club K2, building up a rapport with revellers.

The Chronicle and Echo revealed this week the Bugbrooke-based Jesus Fellowship has been active elsewhere, in the town's red light district, providing help for Northampton's growing number of prostitutes.

Jesus Army administrator Fred Zimmerman, 30, one of the group which has been to K2, said: 'It is a very low-key thing - we do not go in there flying the flag for the Jesus Army.'

'We have been down there fairly regularly to make friends. It has had a good reaction, there is a very close knit community and everyone is very friendly.'

'It would be wrong for me to live my life like that, but I would not press my personal opinion on them. If they are interested in Christianity then we would welcome them into the fellowship. We try to find some common ground for them.'

But members of the Northampton Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People's Forum have reacted angrily to the actions of the Jesus Army.

A spokesman for the forum said: 'There are limited social environments in Northampton where members of the lesbian and gay community can enjoy leisure space, so for the Jesus Fellowship to target their activity at K2 in this way is intrusive. Their presence actually discourages some people from attending.'