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Source : 30/06/1989 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Regarding the Anglia Television programme on June 15, Jesus Army Church or Cult?, it was interesting to hear Noel Stanton declare that the Jesus Army is a genuine Christian church.

What genuine Christian church tries to turn a sensible son against his parents? What genuine Christian church tells a 17-year-old to desert his own family for the 'family of God' ie: Jesus Fellowship?

What genuine Christian church attempts to baptise a vulnerable youngster after only four days contact?

The Jesus Army seems to offer paradise and an answer for everything, but our experience (which is by no means unique due to our son's brief involvement) has left this familt devastated and broken. We have suffered the heartache, agony and despair of it being ripped apart by the Jesus Army's manipulative tactics. The Jesus Army touched us, passed through us and left us to pick up the pieces, but unlike a jigsaw puzzle the pieces don't fit anymore. From being an ordinary family which has had its fair share of laughter and tears we find ourselves two years later trying desperately to hold on to some sort of sanity.

Our argument is not based on religion but to have freedom of religion you must have freedom of the mind and the Jesus Army robs its converts of the power of free thought. We feel very sorry for people reduced to a child-like state on the word of Noel Stanton.

Our fight has gone beyond that of keeping our family together as a whole. We will not rest until the Jesus Army has been exposed for what it is, - a quasi-religious cult, not an orthodox Christian Church.

Coventry City Council and Education Department seem to share our fears and have taken appropriate action. The chaplain of Rugby School has also become very concerned as some of their students have been harassed by Jesus People. We were invited to give a talk at the school in May which only confirmed their thoughts and fears about the Jesus Fellowship.

We would like to warm people to be very wary of any dealings with the Jesus Army.