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Source : 21/04/1993 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Jesus Fellowship members, whose headquarters are in Northamptonshire, have denied they are a cult following the inferno that ended a siege in Waco, Texas.

Nearly 90 followers of the Branch Davidians died in the blaze after US Army tanks smashed there way into the compound.

The fellowship - also known as the Jesus Army - say they are totally opposed to any form of violence and are a Christian church.

Communications officer John Campbell said: 'What happened in Waco was totally unrelated to us. We have a group leadership and have an orthodox church doctrine.'

'The Jesus Fellowship is an independent church in the house church pattern - they are churches grown from meetings in houses.'

'We are open in our approach to people - when we are out in the streets we wear jackets and badges.'

'We are opposed to all kinds of violence both physical and mental and we stand for Christian morality in public and private life.'