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Source : 15/06/1974 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Bugbrooke Hall has been bought by the Jesus Fellowship Housing Association. The 19th century home of the Harrison family went for 67,000 at an auction at Northampton's Angel Hotel

Mystery has surrounded the purchasers until lunch-time today. The successful bid was made by a Daventry architect on behalf of clients whose identity he would not reveal.

Today, a statement was issued to the Chronicle and Echo by the Rev. Noel Stanton, pastor of the Bugbrooke Jesus Community. He said: 'The Hall, Bugbrooke, has been purchased by the Jesus Fellowship Housing Association. This Association has been formed by the Bugbrooke Chapel Fellowship and its founders, who include a number of well-known businessmen and women.'

'It is a charitable organisation providing housing and accommodation in a Christian setting and showing practical compassion in the name of Christ.'

'The association will be using the Hall for residential purposes and, after alteration, it will accommodate families, old people and single people.'

'The outside appearance of the Hall, a class two listed historical building, will remain unchanged. Some development of the out buildings will be necessary in view of their dilapidated condition.'

'The Association has no intention of making planning applications for any major part of the 12 acres of parkland. Members of the Association support the conservation of the rural heritage of Britain and intend to preserve the present character of the parkland.'

Auctioneer, Mr. M. Appleton, of the Warwick firm Godfrey Peyton and Co, said he thought the property had sold 'very reasonably.'

After the sale Mr. Colin Major, Chief Executive of South Northants District Council, admitted that his authority had wanted to buy the Hall for sheltered homes for ole people, but were 'simply out-bit.'