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Source : 07/08/1987 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

The controversial Jesus Fellowship, based at Bugbrooke, is marching through the streets of Birmingham on Saturday as part of their Midlands tour.

The march will end up at a rally in the fellowship's 1,000-seater Golden Marquee situated in Birmingham's Victoria Park, starting at 6pm.

Noel Stanton, senior pastor of the Jesus Fellowship, said: 'The moral decline of Britain is accelerating, we must use every means to urge people to return to God.'

He added: 'We have written to Mrs. Thatcher and are glad to see that she is advocating changes in the control of violent and sexually explicit television, but the real need is for the Christian Church to wake up and fight the evils.'

On Saturday, August 15, a similar rally will also take place in the golden Marquee after a two mile convoy involving some 100 vehicles.