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Source : 25/01/2000 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

A Jesus Army worker threatened a police officer after drinking too much, a court heard.

The carpenter had a few had a few too many drinks and decided to go to a nearby farm to listen to the radio, magistrates were told.

The 26-year-old Jesus Fellowship member, who lives on their New Creation Farm headquarters in Nether Heyford pleaded guilty to two charges of using threatening words and behaviour contrary to Section 4 of the Public Order Act and resisting a police officer in the course of his duty.

The man, who appeared before Towcester Magistrates Court yesterday and who has spent four months in jail for violent behaviour in the past, was arrested on Saturday evening after he went to a neighbouring farm to listen to the radio.

He visited River Farm in Nether Heyford because he claimed he knew the owners and the farm vehicles were equipped with radios which are not available on the Jesus Army encampment.

But when police officers arrived on the scene after the owner reported seeing two people in the yard, the man became violent and abusive.

Michael Waterfield, prosecuting, said: 'He was throwing his arms about the place - waving them backwards and forwards, and then began to use threatening and abusive language.'

'He told officers that they were on private land and that they couldn't arrest him. He then told the officers to get out of his f*****g face.'

Defence solicitor Catherine Brockway said the drink had played a major part in the mans' erratic behaviour.

She said: 'The man is a carpenter for the Jesus Army and all the money he earns goes back into the organisation.'

'The New Creation Farm has no radios or television and the owners of the nearby farm were friends of his.'

She added: 'Because of the alcohol he over-reacted to what should have bee a quiet and calm situation.'

The man was given a conditional discharge for one year and ordered to pay 40 costs.