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Source : 28/08/1987 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

A call for the church to wake up and fight the evils spreading through society has been made by Noel Stanton, controversial leader of Bugbrooke's Jesus People.

The call comes as his army of followers prepare for a march through Northampton over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Seven hundred Jesus Army members will be marching through the town centre, waving banners, flags and singing hymns on Saturday at 2,30 pm.

It's a part of a drive to get new recruits during an eight day campaign which ends on September 5.

Attacking the moral decline of Britain, Mr. Stanton said: 'We have written to Mrs. Thatcher accordingly and are glad to see that she is advocating changes in the law to control particularly violent and sexual unacceptable television.'

'This is a step in the right direction but the real need is for the Christian church to wake up and fight the evils spreading through society.'

Small rallies will also be held in Daventry, Kettering and Towcester during the campaign and followers will be transported around the county in a double-decker bus called the Power Coach.

Throughout the campaign, the sect's Golden Marquee at Cornhill Manor, Pattishall will be open to the public.