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Source : 22/09/1987 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

The Bugbrooke-based Jesus Army has hit back at claims in a national newspaper that it is a 'bizarre, sinister, Rambo-style cult'.

And it has called on two of its accusers, Northampton South MP, Mr. Michael Morris and the Archdeacon of Northampton, the Ven. Bazil Marsh, to come and meet its members.

Both men were quoted in an article in the Sunday Mirror which attacked the controversial religious sect's 'combat jacket, military-style uniform' as 'aggressive'.

Senior Pastor of the Jesus Fellowship, Noel Stanton, said 'Members of the Jesus Army have identification badges sewn on making it clear that they fight only for the Christian Gospel and that they are compassionate. Their aim is to help people find their faith.'

'Our fight is to stop the increase in ungodliness in British society. Our purpose is to fight evil with the power and life of the Christian Gospel'