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Source : 06/01/1992 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Christians gathered at Northampton's Derngate for a day of worship and to look forward into the new year.

Hundreds of members of the Jesus Fellowship packed into the centre's auditorium for a morning service, dinner and an evening of celebration on the first Sunday of 1992.

The characteristic colourful camouflage jackets of the Jesus Army, part of the Fellowship, where everywhere as members of the Bugbrooke based order milled about the foyer.

Fellowship organiser Peter Gates said:' The Lord said he would bring a revival to the churches. Today we are committing ourselves to moving on. The 1990s are going to be vital years for Christians.'

Mr Gates said the Jesus Fellowship met every month at Derngate but that Sunday's event was special because it was the start of a new year.

Worshippers who were baptised last year and those who took up leadership positions were welcomed into the group at yesterday's event.