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Source : 07/02/1989 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

The controversial Jesus Fellowship has launched a bid for its own cemetery in the grounds of its private manor house in Northamptonshire.

The group is to lodge an application with South Northamptonshire planners for the graveyard at Cornhill Manor, Pattishall.

Jesus Fellowship spokesman Liz Donovan described the project as a logical step for the sect, which has a growing membership.

'Being a church with a large number of members, it seems logical to have a nearby graveyard' she said.

'In this way, people can stay close to their loved ones and will be able to tend their graves properly.'

'We would want to site it in the grounds of Cornhill Manor, which are very spacious.'

South Northamptonshire District Council planners said no application had been received but the project had been advertised in a local paper to comply with development regulations.