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Source : 13/12/1986 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Jesus People had a lucky escape when a mystery fire erupted at one of the Fellowship's community homes in Northampton today.

Two children, three women and five men, who live at Trumpet House, in East Park Parade, were led to safety through thick, choking smoke by firemen.

The recently decorated front lounge was gutted in the dramatic blaze - but none of the Fellowship members was hurt. Police said the fire was arson.

Minutes after being given the all-clear to return to the house, members gathered in the kitchen to pray.

Church elder Steve Jones (34), hiw wife (34), and their two children (4 and 3) were among the grateful Fellowship members to escape unhurt from the fire which broke out shortly before 3 am today.

He said the household was woken by the smell of smoke at 2.45 am and quietly and calmly the filed downstairs into the street.

Mr. Jones said two visitors had been staying at the community house - one of a number operated by the Bugbrooke-based Jesus Fellowship.

The two children were carried down by Mr. Jones and another Fellowship member

The other member, wearing a Jesus is Lord sweatshirt, said: 'I was one of the last people to go to bed. I assisted the others in getting out of bed, it all happened very quickly.'

The members have been asked not to go into the charred remains of the front lounge, because police are carrying out inquiries into the fire.

Mr. Jones said he did not think anyone had a vendetta against Trumpet House.

The lounge did not contain any valuable electrical goods like a TV or a video, because they are banned by the Fellowship.

'I think we acted very calmly because we knew the Lord was protecting us. And later we thanked the Lord in the kitchen' said Mr Jones.