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Source : 15/06/2000 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Plans for a religious commune in Northamptonshire have been thrown out by councillors.

The Jesus Fellowship submitted plans to Daventry District Council to establish a communal house at Sheepfold Grange in the High Street of Upper Stowe village, near Weedon.

However, planning committee members rejected the application from the religious organisation's housing association because it was contrary to planning guidelines and the level of local opposition.

Residents campaigned against the commune, collecting a petition, and the parish council recommended refusing the application 'without giving it the credibility of a site visit'.

Upper Stowe is one of the few villages in Northamptonshire that does not have access to mains sewers and depends on septic tank drainage.

Concerns were raised about the levels of traffic the commune would create, as well as the problems of waste water and sewage it would generate.