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Source : 15/06/2000 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Pentecost 2000, reported in Monday's edition of the Chronicle and Echo, was a great event. I feel it was somewhat of a shame that your reporting should emphasise one negative incident involving some members of the Jesus Army.

I am not a member of the Jesus Army but, in defence of this high-visibility local Christian community, let it be said that they are actively involved in working for the good of many marginalized members of society.

They embody many of Christ's principles in their work and lifestyle. It would be unfortunate for this small incident to blacken their name or seem to unravel the growing and impressive co-operation of Christians in Northamptonshire.

Editor's Footnote:

We felt, and still feel, that the fact that the Jesus Army had been asked to leave such a high profile event was a relevant news story. However we also agree that this event deserved wider coverage and in our edition the following day we carried a full report, and colour pictures which I believe reflected the points you have made.