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Source : 22/11/1986 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Derngate's general manager Robert Moore has pledged his support for the controversial Jesus Fellowship to continue using the entertainment centre for Sunday morning worship.

Mr. Moore was replying to criticism from Northampton South MP Michael Morris, who claims that no public support should be given to the Bugbrooke based group who 'prey on the disadvantaged, the unbalanced and distressed.'

Mr. Morris said in a letter to Derngate Chairman Trevor Chown: 'Their evangelical approach leads to marriage and family break-ups as individuals have to commit themselves and their worldly goods to the Fellowship.'

'I have come to the conclusion that although they have a right to exist within their own fraternity, no public encouragement should be given to them by the remainder of society.'

The matter will be discussed by a meeting of the Derngate Committee on Tuesday but Mr. Moore said he would resist the banning of the Fellowship.

'Their involvement at Derngate has never been of an evangelical or recruiting nature.' he remarked. 'They are contracted for seven other bookings. In the past three years they have caused no disruption at all'.