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Source : 19/06/2000 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Undoubtedly the Pentecost 2000 event in Abington Park was a great success, bringing together Christians from a wide range of churches.

There was of course no question of the Jesus Army being excluded - or even not being invited. As Tim Short, the organiser, as since made clear to me, everyone was invited! In fact a number of Jesus Army members were present at the event. The only problem was a large sculpture that was brought along uninvited by one Jesus Army member and which the organisers were unhappy with.

According to Tim Short, he felt the Jesus Army flag on the 10-feet high statue was inappropriate, which I quite understand. But I'm sure none of us would disagree with the intended message of the sculpture, that there is 'strength in unity'.

John Campbell, Director of Communications,
Jesus Army, Jesus Fellowship Central Offices, Nether Heyford