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Source : 27/06/2000 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

A drifter who was taken under the wing of the Jesus Fellowship, has begun an 18-month prison sentence for public order and other offences.

Recorder Patrick Upward told the 22-year old, whose address was given as New Creation Farm, Nether Heyford: 'You have been given chances over a number of years. Ordinary people have been terrified by your drunken behaviour.'

The man admitted three charges of threatening behaviour, having an offensive weapon, theft, failing to surrender to bail and breaking a conditional discharge imposed for criminal damage.

Jenny Herrick, prosecuting at Northampton Crown court, said one of the behaviour offences arose after confrontation with security staff at a Northampton supermarket where the man and another man stole a bottle of vodka.

Another occurred in a garden next to the property where the man was then living. After the neighbour remonstrated about his presence there, the man produced a kitchen knife.

In mitigation, Emma Cutts said the man had a serious drink problem which led him to act out of character and commit offences. She Said: 'He has recently been accommodated by the Jesus Fellowship who are providing him with a basic level of care. He is being given the opportunity to go back to the straight and narrow.'

Miss Cutts asked that the man should be given one last chance.