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Source : 04/07/1989 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

The John Grosvenor column (June 26 1989) tongue-in-cheek comments about the Jesus Army were up to the usual good standard! I appreciated them!

Your readers may like to know that it was partly because Jesus taught that riches make it hard to enter the Kingdom, that years ago some of us felt the need to pool our wealth and set up our community operation. I would assure John Grosvenor that we are not as well off as most middle-class Britons and, in fact, in personal terms we have nothing! We also use our wealth to help others.

No, we don't own any Army surplus stores! In any case we're getting our own specially designed jackets later in the year! Hopefully our critics' cries of 'rambo' will then stop - but I rather think they'll find something else! Sometimes we think that Northamptonshire folk find us a little puzzling, but are really rather proud of us!

Noel Stanton, Senior Pastor,
Jesus Fellowship, Nether Heyford.