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Source : 24/06/1989 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

I am writing in response to your TV reviewer's request for views on the recent Anglia film about the Jesus Army. I would like to correct a few impressions which I felt spoilt an otherwise vary fair documentary.

I have been associated with the church for 15 years as a non-residential member. (I don't live in a community but have my own home where I am bringing up my family).

The film gave the impression of three things that are not in any way true of the church: that people are pressured into joining; that children are harshly dealt with and that church members avoid contact with other Christians.

I have never found any of these statements to be in any way the truth during the long time that I have had contact with the church and it upsets me that viewers might be put off visiting a very rare and precious church where a genuine work of God is going on.

My advice to people who have seen the film with mixed feelings would be to ring up the nearest Jesus People house and arrange a visit to see for themselves. I don't believe that they will be disappointed.