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Source : 28/09/1976 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

The refusal of a council to allow Jesus People to raise the roof of Bugbrooke Hall has been upheld by the Government.

The Environment Secretary has dismissed an appeal by the Jesus Fellowship Housing Association the Hall owner, against the refusal of permission by South Northamptonshire District Council for roof alterations.

At a public inquiry in February it was claimed the plan of the Fellowship to raise the roof by 18 inches and to install dormer windows would enhance the Hall's appearance.

But Mr. Roy Holden, the inspector who held the inquiry, has decided that any alterations of its proportions would be unwarranted and harmful.

He accepts that the provision of extra living accommodation - the plan would provide two more flats - might be economically desirable for the Fellowship.

It was, however, not essential to provide it in the roof of the Hall and override the strong objections to the construction of dormer windows which would destroy the clean and correct classical lines of the existing roof.

In his report, Mr Holden also says 'Although the chimneys are irregularly positioned and do not follow the broadly symmetrical appearance of the main part of the Hall they form an integral part of the character of this listed building. The inclusion of dormer windows, whether symmetrically or irregularly placed, would in no way compensate for the loss of the chimneys.'

At the inquiry, Mr. C. M. Pilcher, architect, objected to the plan on behalf of the council for the Protection or Rural England and Bugbrooke Village Society.