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Source : 06/04/1988 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Jesus army recruits - among them ex-drug addicts and criminals - marched through Northampton town centre in a public show of faith for Easter weekend.

The Christian Soldiers, in combat-style gear, went out to attract Saturday shoppers in Abington Street before an hour-long service at the Guildhall.

'We take a stand because we feel very concerned at the state of the nation,' said spokesman Liz Donovan.

'We are a hand of rescue, if you like, saying we believe that the God who has changed our lives can change the nation and people's hearts.'

'Some of the people who march have been into deep crime, totally into selfish living.'

The Rev. Reg Baker conducted the 'service of commission' to mark the end of the army's first campaign of 1988 before the parade back to midsummer Meadow.