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Source : 25/10/1984 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

The Fellowship state that they do not believe in 'barriers of class or race' - we note that they omit 'sex'.

They further state that 'whatever background our Christian brother comes from, we accept HIM as an equal.'

If women were not believed to be so inferior to men, the man who wrote that might have realised that women would appreciate the assurance that they would similarly be accepted by other women.

We understand that women are excluded from leadership of residential houses and spiritual groups.

Farther, as all contribute to the community purse through their work, and as there is no reference to either the old or the disabled, we wonder how they fit in, if at all.

Finally Christ commanded us to 'go into all the world and preach the gospel.' After 15 years one might have expected people who profess so much to be telling us of their involvement in outreach overseas, not at the start in 'the Midlands'