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Source : 22/07/1991 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

A Rapist once evaded one of the UK's biggest-ever nationwide manhunts by hiding out with the Northamptonshire-based Jesus Fellowship.

'The Man', known as The Wolfman, joined the Bugbrooke religious sect while police forces all over the country tried to hunt him down six years ago.

The man escaped from Broadmoor top security mental hospital in Berkshire on Sunday.

He was sent to the unit for life in January 1986 after admitting 12 offences including the rape of two children, wounding, arson and robbery.

At his trial at Bristol Crown Court it emerged that he spent some time with the Jesus Fellowship during his 18 days on the run in the summer of 1985. But he fled when he was asked to pay his rent.

Jesus Fellowship spokesman Liz Donovan said today: 'He did stay in one of our houses during the period he was wanted by police. He was with us for five or six days.'

'During that time he seemed a bit unstable. Eventually, he stole a car and left so we notified the police.'

Police attempting to recapture the man believe he has stolen a Land-Rover and a tent and may be hiding in woodland near the top security unit at Crowthorne.

A police spokesman described him as 'highly dangerous' and urged land-owners to be on the lookout for a lone camper in the area.

The man escaped early yesterday, apparently by squeezing out of the window of a shower room on the third floor after sawing through a one-inch thick steel bar.

Since then police have discovered three thefts in the surrounding area which they think the man may have been involved in.

Police said he should not be approached.