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Source : 25/08/2001 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Religious zealots have struck once again after daubing the word of the Lord on another of Northamptonshire's roads.

The vandals have this time targeted a country lane on the outskirts of Nether Heyford, only a few miles from other makeshift holy inscriptions which had mysteriously appeared in the county.

The latest Christian missive is the most elaborate yet, although it appears the offenders were interrupted before they could finish their work.

The message reads: 'For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son (Jesus) that '

Officers from Northamptonshire Police launched an investigation after receiving reports of the first examples of the vandalism, but they have been unable to track down the graffiti artists.

Sgt Alan McSharry, from Towcester police station, said: This is another example of people not only endangering their own lives while painting the message on the road, but also the lives of passing motorists.'

'In some ways this case is worse, because the road to Nether Heyford is a lot narrower than the other carriageways.'

'It is a lot easier for a motorist to lose control of their vehicle if they are trying to read the message on the country lane.'

'We have made some enquiries but we have not been able to find those who are responsible. It might not seem like the most sinister of crimes, but it is still an offence to damage the highway.'

The Chronicle and Echo revealed earlier this month that the message 'Jesus Christ is Lord' had been daubed on the A45 dual carriageway into Northampton, near Harpole.

The A45 was also plagued with other religious graffiti, including a sign by the side of the road which read 'Whoever calls on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved.'

But while all the religious messages have been painted within a four-mile radius of the Nether Heyford base of the Jesus Army, elders from the religious sect have claimed none of their members were responsible.

John Campbell, spokesman for the Jesus Army, said: 'I firmly believe no-one linked to the Jesus Army is responsible.'

'The graffiti seems to have appeared in Weedon originally. It is a bizarre way to get the word of the Lord across.'

'We believe that Christianity is about relationships with people, not slogans on walls and roads.'

Road by Nether Heyford
The Graffiti begins.

Road by Nether Heyford
And continues ...

Road by Nether Heyford
Over the Hump-back bridge...

Road by Nether Heyford
Finishing (for now) by the village boundary.