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Source : 07/09/2001 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Christians in Northampton are swapping the pulpit for the dance floor to win over some young converts.

The Jesus Army is taking over a town centre nightclub for the evening for a rave with a difference.

While dance music lovers will hear familiar garage, techno and drum and base sounds, they will be delivered with a religious message.

The chill-out area, popular in clubs, is being replaced with the Faith Zone for 'spiritual exploration and quiet meditation and reflection'.

And guests at Destiny as The Centre nightspot in Abington Square will see live baptisms alongside state-of-the-art graphics and visual displays.

One of the organisers said: 'There won't be and preaching or hard sell gospel. Everyone is free to get into as much or as little as they want to.'

'The number one rule in this club is 'no prejudice.''

'It seems everyone is a spiritual searcher today, but often they see the Christian church as out-dated.'

'Although Destiny is a one-off, we hope people will feel equally at home at Heart, our regular Sunday evening event.'

The Jesus Army is also hoping to show clubbers how to have a night out without the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Spokesman John Campbell said: 'There will not be any alcohol on sale. Hopefully people will come and enjoy the music and the Christian message behind it.'

'Anyone is welcome, whatever their musical tastes, however they choose to dress. There is no dress code at Destiny.'

The Jesus Army has also been holding a number of impromptu street parties in the Market Square.

Mr Campbell said: 'They seem to be popular with people out enjoying themselves at the weekend. We put the music on and everyone dances and has a good time.'

Destiny is at The Centre on Wednesday September 19. Admission is free.