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Source : 02/06/1988 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

A Devil of a row has erupted between the Northamptonshire-based Jesus Army and a controversial rock group they believe is in the clutches of Satan.

The hard-hitting Shaman band branded the Bugbrooke-based sect as "fascist paramilitary Christians" in a magazine article and claimed they were looking for a fight.

Now the campaigning Christians have symbolically destroyed Shamen records in front of 1000 supporters in Birmingham - 24 hours after the Scottish group played in the city.

The records were cut up during an evangelical rally in a marquee pitched in a park.

The sect are furious that the group is touring nationally with an inverted cross as part of their promotional material for the show billed as 'Jesus is a lie'.

'We are opposed to the anti-Christian pro-Satanist stance that this group has adopted', said Jesus Army spokesman Liz Donovan.

'They have openly said they are in favour of Satanism and this was our way of demonstrating how we feel about them.'

'There were members of the Jesus Army from all over the country there - and they all felt the same way about the group - they are in the hands of evil.'

'But we did pray for them - they are still human beings'.

The Aberdeen-based Shamen are named after Asian witch doctor-priests and openly scorn accepted religions.

Lead singer Colin Angus, who has a micro-biology degree, said:

'We're into psychedelic experiences and certain sexual practices - and we certainly don't go along with the hypocrites who peddle this form of organised religion.'

'But to say we are in the clutches of the Devil is ridiculous - we are into forms of spiritualism and don't like the pseudo-Judaism that they pump into people.'

'These people are only upset because we are using the upside-down cross - but the symbol means nothing to us.'

The holy-war between the group and the Jesus Army is the latest is a series of controversies which have dogged the groups career.

They were panned by Tory MP, Geoffrey Dickens for their stage act which has been described as pornographic and offensive.

The band was fired by Scottish and Newcastle breweries at the 11th hour after being picked to do a beer commercial after what the brewery described as 'serious allegations' about them.

And they were booted out of the Glasgow Mayfest after their act had been judged pornographic.