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Source : 27/06/1974 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

The response to the Thames TV documentary 'The Lord took hold of Bugbrooke' on Tuesday evening has been excellent' and an increase in the number of Jesus Fellowship Worshippers seems sure to follow.

The Rev. Noel Stanton said a considerable number of people telephoned after the film had been shown.

'It's made people realise how effective the Christian faith is. I have little doubt that we shall get more people coming along,' he said.

'The worship here is not much different from worship in other churches,' said Mr. Stanton.

'We would have preferred that it brought out the high moral teaching that we give here.'

Local reactions to the film were favourable although some viewers thought that it may have concentrated a little too much on the sensational aspect of worship at the Bugbrooke Chapel.

'We were most satisfied with it,' said Mr. Stanton. 'We accept the criticisms made by people in the neighbourhood and we were happy with them. We felt the film was fair.'

He thought that a broader light could have been thrown on all aspects of worship at the church.

'I would think it was over - sensationalised,' said the headmaster of Bugbrooke Primary School.

He made a brief appearance on the film and his son is closely involved with the Jesus People.

'I think they could have had more of the singing and less of the mumbling.'

'If people want to come from all the surrounding villages to Bugbrooke and be turned on by the local minister, why shouldn't they?'

'The film has shown local people exactly what goes on in the chapel.'

Although the headmaster felt the film dwelt a bit too much on the more controversial aspects of the chapel, he said he would give the film 'full marks for production.'

'The film seemed to be presented just for entertainment. I think is should have been a little more serious' said a parish councillor and chairman of the Campion School Board of Governors.

'It may have given a false impression. I don't think it will have achieved much. It seemed to have been sensationalised and may not have given a true picture of their work,'

The councillor, who also appeared in the documentary, thought that the outlook of the Jesus People was too narrow, but agreed that the film showed they offered a way out for people who found no appeal in orthodox religion.

The man who runs the Post Office in Bugbrooke, said: 'They could have gone into it in a little more depth. For a start, they could have interviewed Mr. Stanton.'

Again, he thought some parts of the film might have been overplayed. 'Most of the people who come here are respectable people,' he said.

The film did not cast any new light for him on the activities of the Jesus People.