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Source : 27/09/1982 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

We are worried parents of a son and his family who belong to the Jesus Fellowship. They are on a 'parole' period, so you can tell how we feel knowing that they will give up their house and everything they own.

My granddaughter has a doll which she loves but has been told she cannot take it with her. They have already had to give up their toys which I think is cruel, but my son does not agree. He is a changed person.

Last Christmas was the first time we were told we could not buy the children the presents we had looked forward to buying. My son threatened that if we did not go along with their wishes we would not be able to see the children again and they have the nerve to say they don't break up families.

The children are our main concern. Things like films and outings at school are banned. They say this is pleasurable. In the school holidays they have to go to the Fellowship school. Holidays by the sea are out for them now; all they believe in is work and meetings.

The children have to go to bed when they come home from school for an hour or so and then get up to go to late meetings which go on into the early hours of the morning. Is this a way to bring up children? We think that when they go into the community they might as well be in prison. We just do not know what to do to save our grandchildren from this sort of life. We are told they are not our children. We know that but we hate to see them hurt.

- Two worried parents.