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Source : 17/04/1987 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

The Jesus Army in on the march in Northampton this Easter weekend, with a plea for 'Love, Power and Sacrifice.'

The county is the home of the Jesus Fellowship, generally known as the Jesus People, and it is being commissioned as a Jesus Army to fight 'social and moral evils in Britain.'

The occasion is also being marked by the first issue of Heartcry, a new Jesus People magazine, which reveals areas of social concern, carries stories of human misery, and advocates action.

Heartcry announces the start of the army campaign with the slogans: 'Save the Victims of Vice.'

A commissioning service is taking place in the Guildhall, St Giles Square, Northampton, tomorrow, at 10:30 am where the new Jesus Army colours of gold, black, green, red and white will be displayed. The slogan 'We Fight For You' will also be introduced.

A march from Nene College's St George's Avenue campus will take place before the service. The launch weekend will include meetings tomorrow, Sunday and Monday in the 1,000-seater Golden Marquee which will be pitched at one of the main Jesus People houses, Cornhill Manor at Pattishall.