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Source : 14/01/2000 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

The Jesus Fellowship will convert the former Cannon Cinema into a prayer room, a day centre and facilities for the homeless, disabled and elderly.

The cinema's main auditorium will be divided to seat 700 people for regular Sunday worship.

But at last December's hearing it was revealed that up to 1,500 people will attend some worshipping events throughout the year.

Barry Waine, of Shoosmith's Solicitors, told the hearing: 'The current auditorium seats about 1,500 people…it would be used to its full capacity three, four or maybe five times a year according to present practice.

'For regular Sunday worship or Sunday events, the auditorium would be divided to provide seating for 700.'

'There would be some small meeting rooms and these would be used by smaller groups during the week.'

'It would provide facilities for people of every kind including the homeless, the deprived, runaways, the unemployed and anyone in social or moral need.'

Clothes washing facilities, a rest room, a medical clinic, telephone, fax and computer facilities will also be installed.

The Abington Square building was built in the 1930s by one of Britain's most prolific cinema designers, William Glen. The Cannon Cinema was closed in 1995.