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Source : 24/05/2000 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Members of the Jesus Fellowship have said they were 'very distressed' after hearing a man had burned a chicken alive.

The 20-year-old was a well known face among the Christian sect's congregation, and had lived at the Nether Heyford headquarters in the past.

But it is understood he was not living at New Creation Farm when he committed the terrible act of cruelty last month.

He had gone along with another 50 guests for the meal, which had been organised as a one-off event by worshipers living at the Jesus Fellowship base.

While the other people were involved in the dinner, the man sneaked off and poured petrol over the chicken before setting it alight.

John Campbell, communications manager for the Jesus Fellowship, said: 'We were very distressed by this incident.'

'There is no way you can condone these sort of actions.'