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Source : 09/11/2002 Northampton Chronicle and Echo

The Chronicle and Echo front page of November 4 reported two murders in the town in one weekend, two more pages told of the concerns about drugs in Northampton.

On another page, to my dismay, yet again the Chronicle and Echo is trying to bemoan the existence of the Jesus Army in the town.

I am not a member of their church but I know people who are and, as a fellow Christian, I admire their positive outreach to the less acceptable members of society.

Referring to the comments in the article by Tony Clarke MP, I also remember going to the cinema as a child, when it was safe to do so, is a much missed, trusting society.

It is sad that, instead of backing and encouraging this church to grow, the media of this town are continually trying to portray this church in such a biased and negative way.

Your report also failed to note how many years the same building sat empty and decaying before the Jesus Army bought it!

Come on Chronicle and Echo, Mr Strachan and Mr Clarke - encourage good works.

How about being more positive in our town and help remove some of the stumbling blocks put in the way of the building opening?