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Following our recent front page story about the claims of a man, who spent seven weeks with the Jesus Fellowship and alleged 'unreasonable' treatment and the feeling of being 'a prisoner', we decided to give the Fellowship completely free rein to present their side of things - their life-style and their work.
The following articles had been prepared by them and submitted to us by their spokesperson Liz Donovan.


Source : 27/10/1988 Daventry Weekly Express

Some of the men and women who have been helped by the Jesus Army in recent months:

A woman (26): 'I've visited the Jesus Army many times and found them friendly and helpful, even though I'm a practising Catholic and haven't come round to their way of thinking! Although they would like to convert as many people as possible, they do it by example, not by coercion or compulsion.'

A man (34): 'I've been living with the Fellowship three weeks now. When I met them, me and my mates had nowhere to stop and only 1 between us! 'I've found a job now. There's been no pressure whatsoever. No one's pressurised me to believe in God. I take part in their meetings, but I've been to the pub a few times. I find it hard to believe the way they do, but I certainly feel at home here.'

A man (19): 'I used to get my excitement stealing cars. When I met the Jesus People I thought they were mad. God got through to me though, I knew I'd got to be different. I've moved into Christian Community. I've got true and real friends - that means a lot to me.'

A man (20) 'I was a runaway, homeless, out of money, and on glue when I met the Jesus People in London two years ago. Now I'm living in one of their houses, I've got a job, I'm stable - life's go a purpose now!'

A man (23): 'I was a wanderer hitched to the Peace Convoy, dependent on drink and dope to keep me going. Last year I came for a visit and never left. Now I'm free from my dope and drinking. I'm living a worthwhile and fulfilled life.'

A woman: I had a secure home life but drifted. I became selfish, rebellious, and unable to face myself or reality. An old college friend invited me to a Jesus People home where I found God's love, and caring folk who helped me into a self-disciplined, stable life. I stopped running and now I've gained confidence to love and help others.'

A Man (25): 'Life was very black and dismal. I started drinking at 15 and by the time I was 19 I was an alcoholic. Through the help of the Jesus People I've now had a Christian conversion and I've been set free from the curse of drinking. Now I don't need to rely on drink to get me through the day; I've got people around who love me with sincere hearts.