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Source : 16/05/1996 Daventry Weekly Express

Another television programme about the Bugbrooke-based Jesus Army could be made by the Everyman team who went behind the scenes to produce last Sunday's BBC1 documentary.

This time programme editor Richard Denton is considering speaking to former members of the Jesus Army.

Sunday's programme focused on how the Jesus Army sets out to help the homeless from London's streets, and people who suffer from drink and drug problems.

Mr Denton said he set out to make a film from within the Jesus Army, but he was now considering making a follow-up about the organisation by speaking to former members.

The Jesus Army communications officer John Campbell said: 'The programme suffered from missing out certain aspects of the church.'

'The vast majority of the church are ordinary members of the public, and it suffered from implying that members are cut off from their family and friends.'

Mr Denton said: 'We could have spoken to people who have told us how difficult it is to leave, and how it is suggested to them they stay away from their families, but that was not the sort of programme we wanted to make.'

'I think the film is fair. John is taking up the appropriate posture to protect his interests. I don't think the film insinuates or states in any way that people are separated and forced to stay that way, from families.'

The Jesus Army is the evangelical arm of the Jesus Fellowship, formed in 1969 in Nether Heyford and Bugbrooke. The fellowship has 2,500 members across the country, most based in the Daventry and Northampton areas.