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Source : 22/04/1989 Independent Magazine

In his article on the Jesus People, Mr Dalrymple, referring to the death of our son at Bugbrooke in 1976, says 'his bizarre end was never really explained'. He is right, but there is an underlying reason for the lack of any explanation.

At the time of Gavin's death, Fellowship members were briefed en masse to maintain complete silence if anyone (including the police) asked any questions about the circumstances surrounding Gavin's death.

The wall of silence which was thrown up has continued ever since. For example, in 1982 a reporter on a local newspaper was told (by the Fellowship public relations officer of the time) that he could ask any questions he liked - except about Gavin Hooper's death. Why this proviso unless there is something to cover up even six years after the event?

Again, as recently as January this year, the Fellowship refused to take part in a television 'chat show' in which I was also due to take part - presumably because they still wish to avoid any discussion of the circumstances surrounding our son's death. What are they afraid of?