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Personal Introduction

Source : Distributed by The Prayerforce Fellowship 1985

The long hours spent in the production of this pamphlet have been very painful. They have involved me in much prayer and soul-searching, Bible study and much hard graft. Without the encouragement, prayer and patience of many Christian and non-Christian friends I could not have seen it through.

I know that many will not thank me for speaking out. I can make no apology for so doing. For three years I have witnesses a perversion of Christian principles and doctrine, and seen hundreds of Christians held in bondage. I was one of those Christians. I know that I could not have broken free without the prayer and kindness of people who were not afraid to speak out against gross and wicked error.

I hope that having read this pamphlet you will share my burden for the many men, women, and children who are still consciously or unconsciously ensnared by Noel Stanton and the Jesus People.

The Jesus People, the majority of whom live in The New Creation Christian Community 'aspire to live quietly, to mind our own affairs and to work with our hands - so that we may command the respect of others and be dependant on nobody.' Their stated vision is to live at peace with all men, seeking to bring 'healing and restoration to those who have been bruised and oppressed by the world to live as a brotherhood in which there are no social, racial or cultural barriers to bear witness to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, as a 'city on a hill' shining in the midst of the fallen and dark world.' Their aim is 'to build the kingdom.'

(quotes: NCCC Basic Introduction)

Peter Eveleigh