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Kingdom Fruits

Source : Distributed by The Prayerforce Fellowship 1985

It is our intention, as ex-members of 'Rev Stanton's kingdom' to shine a light on the nature of Bugbrooke's multi-million pound empire, which is spreading rapidly throughout the midlands, and upon its self appointed Prophet: Rev Noel Stanton.

The 'kingdom' lifestyle which the Jesus People describe is idyllic in its simplicity; a tempting alternative to the real world. There are always many ready to testify to lives changed, to miraculous healings, and of families re-united.

We are forced to ask, then, what in the 'kingdom' had driven men to drink, others to require psychiatric help and many to run away, among them many group leaders and elders? Why have ex-members been denounced as Judaces, traitors and agents of the devil himself? Why was one young member found frozen to death in the snow, clad only in a pair of trousers? Why was the body of another young man found decapitated and mutilated on a railway: his death being 'consistent with multiple injuries due to the subject lying on the track and being struck by a train'? (Consultant Pathologist's report)

What were the circumstances of two other mysterious deaths? What recently drove both a young girl and a senior elder's wife to attempt suicide?

Why do ex-members fear being struck down suddenly by God? Why do others experience massive bouts of depression, stress and ill-health?

Many who have left will testify to deception, injustice and to having been pressurised not to leave, or speak out against the organisation.. Almost all were told that they would be leaving the kingdom (of God) and must backslide and ultimately be judged by God, as 'covenant breakers'. Only time will tell the full extent of the damage done.

Many of these tragic mysteries will never be explained, however in the light of the evidence we cannot simply be satisfied with the explanations of the fellowship's P.R. man who absolves the group of any responsibility for all irregularities.