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The Prophet

Source : Distributed by The Prayerforce Fellowship 1985

Mr Noel Stanton, who is not in fact a bona-fide Rev: Pastor (as recognised by the Baptist Union) sees himself as a prophet bringing salvation to the church and country. He views himself as a latter day Wesley.

The position of founder and prophet of the NCCC affords Stanton, a bachelor in his late fifties, several exclusive privileges as well as exemption from some Community Disciplines.

'He is a law unto himself.' He is not, in practice, subject to any control from amongst Community members and no Church Authorities outside 'Bugbrooke' have any jurisdiction over his leadership.

The more mundane Pastoral duties having been delegated to Elders, he spends much of his time directing the fellowship's businesses, for which he is well experienced.

It is not our desire to spark a witch-hunt but we must stress that Stanton's 'public face' is often entirely different from the one behind closed doors. Senior leaders have observed that he is very insecure and jealous of power, which 'when threatened causes the reaction of a spoilt child - temper tantrums, deceitful scheming and abuse.' He is very camera and press shy.

Since, on one occasion in a fit of temper he called his most likely successor 'a madman' it seems likely that Stanton will retain leadership until his death.