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Source : Distributed by The Prayerforce Fellowship 1985

As British subjects we are all children of a 'materialistic society'. Noel Stanton preaches against the evils of wealth and materialism in no uncertain terms. He admonishes his listeners to separate themselves from the greed and injustice of a corrupt society and become members of a Community lifestyle of 'sharing and simplicity'.

Such is the wonderful dream which is bound to stir the passion of those who want to fight for a better world.


In 1984 the assets of the Community holdings and business stood at a MINIMUM of between 3 and 4 million pounds. The figure increases continually as the cult's 5 or 6 businesses bring in a handsome profit and Community members donate all income, property, businesses and possessions to the Community Trust. The cult's hypocrisy is further underlined by the following points.

1Full-time workers in Community businesses are paid only part-time wages, )the rest of the working week is classified as voluntary labour) thereby minimising wage levels and income-tax payments. Meanwhile local businesses suffer because having to pay their employees a living wage means that they cannot compete. Noel Stanton simply does not care.

2Unemployed people in the Community are required as a condition of residence to do labour for the Community's enterprises. Meanwhile they continue to draw D.H.S.S. payments which are immediately given into the Community.

3The Community businesses are ruthlessly profit orientated. This is so to the extent that these 'simple religious people' employ factory-farming techniques and the cattle are injected with artificial hormones to increase productivity.

4The Community businesses compromise their own principles for profit's sake. They sell health remedies (in their health food shops) which they admit are of questionable value. They sell sweets which members (children especially) may not indulge in, root beer and herbal cigarettes which members must not buy and the latest in 'Worldly' clothes against which Noel Stanton preaches.