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Source : 07/04/1984 Northampton Mercury and Herald

I don't know whether the article 'Come and see how we work' was designed as an attempt to whitewash the Jesus People by dismissing various allegations and unexplained deaths as adverse publicity which has had to be surmounted.

Certainly this is one possible interpretation, and I think three points should be made before Jesus 1984 gets off the ground.

First the claim that 'it is fear of the unknown which makes people suspicious' is the exact opposite of the truth. It is fear of what is known about the Fellowship which makes many people suspicious.

The invitation to 'come and see us' is nothing new. It existed before the unexplained deaths, and did not prevent those tragedies - any more than it stopped the other allegations which 'have dogged the fellowship over its lifestyle' (and which, by implication, have not yet been 'nailed').

Second, it was our experience that the 'claim' of family-splitting did have substance. We were told by our son that we were not his family - just blood relations. If that is not family splitting what is?

Third, those interested in joining the Jesus People would be well advised to establish precisely what constraints will be placed upon them in joining such a 'sharing community', and what disciplines will be demanded of them.