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Source : 21/04/1984 Northampton Mercury and Herald

MY work with FAIR (Family, Action, Information ,and Rescue) had brought me into contact with many parents and ex-members who have suffered at the hands of controversial religious cults.

I would therefore like to endorse the comments in Mercury Mailbag from the Archdeacon of Northampton, (Who supports the Jesus People? March 31, 1984) and the letter (Jesus People split my family. April, 7, 1984).

Hopefully, members of the local health and welfare service will take note of the last paragraph of the latter letter, and will advise those in their care of the precise constraints and disciplines which will be demanded of them if they become involved with the Bugbrooke Jesus Fellowship.

The strings attached to their 'caring' promote the question 'Should Christian charity ever be offered with specific ulterior intent?'

They have announced plans for a Jesus 1984 crusade throughout the Midlands, and are ever ready with pious platitudes in answer to queries regarding their indoctrination techniques.

So perhaps they would explain whether, like Billy Graham, they will use independent councillors to guide their converts to established churches, or will it be just another recruiting campaign to enlarge the wealth and membership of a group which is the cause of increasing concern at both local and national level?