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Source : 21/05/1987 Milton Keynes Gazette

A dole office Jesus fanatic and fervent anti sex-for-sale crusader, has been ticked off by his Department of Employment bosses because of his outlandish religious garb.

The Jesus Army commune member (23), frequently turns up for work at the city centre unemployment benefit headquarters wearing a denim jacket smothered in religious badges and a wooden cross dangling from a cord around his neck.

His bizarre appearance aroused hostility - and even threats of violence - from some claimants turning up to sign on. Some have objected to having religion forced down their throats.

But union officials are backing his right to wear the off-beat outfit. Civil servants can dress how they like so long as it doesn't affect their work, it has contended.

The man, who lives on the Jesus Army commune at Nether Heyford, Northants - every month he signs all his wages over to them - says: 'I have suffered verbal abuse over the way I dress and I have had a row with my bosses. They don't approve.'

'I wear these clothes to show I have been saved and have an inner happiness with God.'

The self-confessed ex-drug user, who grew up in Milton Keynes, often arrives bleary-eyed at the dole office after sleepless nights in seedy Soho trying to persuade prostitutes to see the light.

His nocturnal missions to save London's vice girls from their lives of sin, start at 10pm at Newport Pagnell service station.

'Jesus Army brethren will pick me up and off we go to Soho,' says the determined crusader.

'We walk the streets talking to pimps, prostitutes, and drug-dealers, and are often successful in saving them. It can be a bit risky as I get threatened by the sex clubs with violence if I don't go away.'

'I don't need to open the conversation with prostitutes because they will offer their services to me first - in reply I offer them my services, those of God.'

The crusade goes on throughout the night until 5am when Soho's doors finally close. The man then makes his waery way back to the commune. There's just time for a wash, a bite to eat, and then it's off to Milton Keynes for another day at the dole office.

Even the long arm of the law can't halt the man's determined efforts. Last month he and a colleague were arrested by police for obstruction outside a West End strip club.

But last week the case was dismissed by Bow Street magistrates - a result hailed as a moral victory by Army leaders.

Converting prostitutes is tiring work but can have its reward says the man, who has worked at the D of E for over two years. He knows a fellow Army member who is soon to marry a reformed hooker.