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Source : 12/07/1985 Milton Keynes Gazette

Bletchley's fairground field is to be the site for a mass Christian conversion campaign by the Jesus People.

Gospel meetings, complete with physical healings and 'demonic bondage' release sessions, will start today (Friday) and continue for two weeks.

They will take place in a giant golden-coloured marquee, which, say the Jesus People, will hold up to 500 sinners.

The local group - called Eagles Wings - of around 20 adults, live together in a former Shenley Church End Rectory.

Part of the Jesus Fellowship Church, they include the word Baptist in their title., though they are not affiliated to the official Baptist Union.

'They are a completely independent group,' said local Baptist area superintendent Rev Roy Freestone.

'I was not even aware that this mission was taking place.'

City clergymen are also in the dark. 'I had a leaflet through the door telling me it was going to happen, but I know nothing about these people.' Said the Rev Michael Hinkley, of St Martin's Fenny Stratford.

Jesus Person Mr David Hawker said the theme of the mission is 'God loves us - powerfully.'

A similar event was held last month in Northampton, and there were numerous examples of conversions, physical healings and release from demonic bondage, he claimed.

Milton Keynes Mission will welcome any 'backsliding' Christians who wish to give a personal testimony of their sins, said a spokeswoman from Eagles Wings.

'Of course people are welcome to just come and listen, and not take part. But we hope that many will become involved.' She said.

The site, next to B and Q warehouse, had been rented from the development corporation, and the first meeting starts tonight at 7.45pm. Admission is free.

The Jesus Fellowship was formed more than a decade ago and was originally based in the South Northants village of Bugbrooke.

It has grown to include two builders' merchants businesses in Daventry and Towcester, a chain of health food shops, and a large share of an established Northampton sports outfitters. It also runs a farm, has converted a former country hotel into a headquarters, runs its own school, and has groups living in properties throughout the midlands.