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Source : 11/06/1985 Northampton Evening Telegraph

More than 400 people from all over the country are expected to gather in Northampton tomorrow night for the start of a two-week gospel mission.

Jesus 1985 will herald the start of a summer campaign to spread the Christian gospel by the country-based Fellowship Church.

Members of the church - also known as the Jesus People - will take their travelling roadshow from Northampton to many other towns and cities, including Nottingham, Birmingham and Milton Keynes.

The 'England for Jesus Mission' will be in Northampton from tomorrow until June 23 revolving around a series of prayer and healing meetings at two sites in the town.

The more important will be the church's Golden Marquee at Midsummer Meadow, where meetings will be held daily, excluding Tuesdays.

Mondays and Fridays the meetings will begin at 7.45pm, on Saturdays at 7pm and on Sundays at 6.15pm and 9pm.

There, church elders will lead visitors - both believers and those wanting to be 'born again' - in prayer and song.

Two evenings events are to be staged at Northampton's Spinney Hill Hall - on June 19 and June 22, where again members will seek to illustrate how God has changed their lives.

Mr David Hawker, a spokesman for the Jesus People, said: 'These will be evenings, led by church elders, of prayer, preaching and music, with emphasis on the teachings of the Christian gospel.'

'We want to show people how living Christianity works and how God can work for them.'

'And that is important in these days of violence, promiscuity and lack of moral and social values - only through God will this change.'