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Source : 02/1993 Northampton Image

A New flapjack developed by Goodness Foods Cake Kitchen at Weeden is being marketed all over Britain.

Nutritionists working for the 10-year-old company have discovered a new formula which increases the flapjack's shelf-life - thus making it possible to sell throughout the country.

The special extra-thick flapjack has been called a Chunky-Jack and comes and comes in various flavours - white chocolate and lemon, cherry and coconut, caramel with plain chocolate and double chocolate with chocolate chips.

Retail manager Barnabus Taylor, told me his staff felt the development had put his cake kitchen on the national map. 'It's given us a real boost to know that cakes from a small kitchen in Northamptonshire are being enjoyed as far away as Kings Lynn and Southampton,' he said.