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Source : 09/03/2000 Northampton Mercury

A Jesus Army member has been jailed for 21 months for conning two motor companies out of 1,300.

The 28-year-old from Abington, Northampton, admitted four deception charges and asked for six other offences to be considered when he appeared at Northampton Crown Court this week.

Michael Joyce, prosecuting, said the man hired a car from Avis Rentals in Northampton by pretending that he worked for Country Lion in the town and when that vehicle was damaged in London, ho obtained a replacement from the firm's office at Heathrow.

On successive days, he also obtained a total of 18 tyres worth 943 from Motorway Tyres and Accessories, St James, Northampton, by saying he worked for Skaino Services Ltd.

Mr Joyce said the man told the police he belonged to the Jesus Army, a group which apparently owned Skaino along with other enterprises in Northamptonshire. He knew that company had an account with Motorway Tyres.