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Source : 30/03/2000 Northampton Mercury

MP Tony Clarke has called for a strict agenda to be imposedto ensure Northampton's former Canon Cinema does not remain derelict following its sale to the Nether Heyford Jesus Army.

The MP for Northampton South has made the plea after the deal running into hundreds of thousands of pounds was struck between the religious sect and the cinema's former owners, Times Square Entertainment.

The battle to turn the venue in the heart of Northampton into a day centre and place of worship was eventually won on Friday when the deal was signed.

Mr Clarke said: 'Now the question of ownership has been resolved, I hope there will be a strict timetable for the restoration.'

'Most people's real concern is that a prominent building in the town centre remains derelict and under used.'

The Jesus Army said the mammoth task to transform the cinema should be underway by the end of the year and will take 12 months to complete