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Source : 01/07/1987 Northampton Post

Dear Sir,

I am distressed to see the Jesus People Fellowship getting a bad press from you again this week. Can I put in a good word for them for someone who is NOT a member of their fellowship but knows them well.

They have a house in the road I live in and I have got to know many of them over the last year. As a Christian myself, from a more traditional background, I would like to say that I have never found anything peculiar about their beliefs.

Their views are similar to most evangelical and charismatic Christians which are found within all denominations.

Their life style is probably difficult for our materialistic age to understand as they live very simply, mostly (though not all), in community and devote all their wealth to the work they see God is calling them to do through the fellowship.

They see it as a part of reaching those most desperately in need that they evangelise on the streets, outside pubs and clubs just as that other army for Jesus, the Salvation Army have always done.

They too encountered a lot of hostility in their early days.

We criticise them for being extreme, for being fanatical! I don't suppose the war in the Falklands was won by the half hearted. They see themselves at war with the evil of our world.

Yes, they try and bring people to God through missions and street evangelism. Yes, they invite people who are interested into the homes so they can get to know them better and the visitors can get to know the Jesus People better.

Is it not the task of all Christians to try and bring people to God?